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Mammoths were a hugely successful type of elephant, there is much evidence to suggest that they were at one time the most successful of this particular mammalian group.

In the cold environment that existed during the last ice age mammoths were spread all over the northern hemisphere, from Asia through Europe and into North America. We know that they migrated, something which no doubt bought them into conflict with early humans, a conflict which they ultimately seem to have lost, just as elephants today are loosing out against modern humans. This combined with the global warming that occurred at the end of the last ice age was to spell the end for these magnificent creatures. As the human population goes on increasing exponentially ultimately there simply will be not enough room for the cousins of the mammoths and it seems inevitable that wild elephants will go the same way as the mammoths.

A baby mammoth that was found in a remarkable state of preservation frozen in the tundra in Siberia, may have DNA in such a good state of preservation that one day scientists will be able to clone a mammoth from it.

Pictured here is a herd of mammoths making there way south past a forest somewhere in Europe.

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